Vocationist Fathers


The Society of Divine Vocations – Vocationist Fathers – has served St. Nicholas since 1983. This year we celebrate 33 years of the Vocationist Fathers in our parish.

The ultimate goal of the Vocationist Fathers is to bring all its members, and, through them, the whole world to perfect divine union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Vocationist Fathers believe in universal sanctification and promote it in all walks of life.

Fr. Justin sees religion as relationship. He teaches that the very reason of our creation is the fact that God wants us to be a personal, living relationship of love with the three divine persons.

This relationship is progressive, ascensional and must be constant. Imitating the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph we are called and guided to live the relationship of soul daughter of God in imitation of Jesus Christ; the relationship of soul mother of God, imitating the Virgin Mary, and the relationship of soul spouse of the Trinity, imitating St. Joseph.

The uniqueness of the Vocationist spirituality consists in the fact that Fr. Justin teaches that all men are called to live this relationship of love with the Blessed Trinity; it is not an extraordinary privilege granted to a few saints, but it is a general calling extended to every soul.

This espousal relationship is seen in the very word of creation: “Let us make man in our own image and likeness. The love of one divine person for the other is a love that is total, exclusive and permanent, i.e. a marital love. The same freedom that God as given to us, is necessitated by the espousal love, that must be totally free.

Our most common form of prayer: “Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit” is an indication that we want and must constantly relate to the divine persons, since a relationship is possible only between two persons, and so we address the divine persons and establish this ever growing relationship of love with them.

Our favorite forms of prayer “Offertories and Consecrations are also meant to nurture our espousal relationship of love with the Blessed Trinity.

All our prayers end with the refrain:

“O my God and my All! Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
may your will be done, your love reign,
your glory shine always more in me and in everyone, as in yourself,
O My God and my All.”