Notre Dame Academy


NOTRE DAME ACADEMY is a non-profit Catholic School co-sponsored by the parishes of St. Nicholas & St. Michael in Palisades Park, and St. Matthew’s in Ridgefield. It operates under the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ. The school is staffed by lay teachers and auxiliary staff.
We are all children of God, who embrace the tradition and the values of the Roman Catholic Church. We embrace cultural diversity in an atmosphere of cooperation ad respect. A safe, respectful, and nurturing environment is important to the growth and development of the individual. The process of education requires that  the whole person is nurtured and allowed to grow and develop. Through professional development and personal dedication, we continually strive  to enhance our academic achievement. We encourage students to use their God-given talents ad abilities to make a difference in the world, and to live up to the message of being stewards of God’s creation. The responsibility of education is a partnership between the family and the school.

Mr. Mark Valvano 

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