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Served by the Vocationist Fathers

Parish Staff

Fr. Christogonus Iwunze, SDV St. Nicholas’ Pastor

Father Christogonus Iwunze, S.D.V.

Father Roberto da Silva, S.D.V.
Parochial Vicar

Father Firmin Htwe, S.D.V.
D. R. E. 

Mr. Giovanni Simone and Mr. Michael Massaro
Parish Trustees


Ms. Débora D. Moreira
Parish Secretary

Mr. Giovanni Simone and Mrs. Karen Simone-Osso
Ms. Kelly Oliveira and the Brazilian Choir
Ms. Angela Costantini
Ms. Silvia Maresca and the Children’s Choir
Music Ministry

Sr. Benedita Carvalho, S.D.V.
Superior of the Vocationist Sisters and Director of Fr. Justin Learning Center (Pre-K)

Mrs. Estefani Rivera, Mrs. Gina Odorisio, Mrs. Anna Maresca,
Ms. Silvia Maresca, Sr. Emilia Din, Sr. Joicy Palatty,
Mrs. Carol Oliveri and Sr. Benedita Carvalho, S.D.V.