Vocationist Emblem

The Essence and Centrality of the Vocationist Spirituality symbolizes in the Emblem. Fr. Justin was a man of prayer and man of spirituality. He wanted to share everything that he received from the Divine Union. He created the Vocationist Emblem adding all the elements of Vocationist Spirituality.

Divine Union: – Holy Trinitsdv logoy -Father, Son and Holy Spirit – represents in Triangle. It is the Divine Union of Divine Persons. This is the main goal of each Vocationist as it is the chief goal of every human being. Following characters help our journey towards this Divine Union as they are close to this Divine Union and enable us to be partakers of Divine Union.

Holy Family: This is the Union of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Each Person in the holy family represents through the symbols in emblem. Jesus is displayed through the Cross, Sacred Heart and Eucharist. Cross is the symbol of our salvation. Sacred Heart is the symbol of Divine Mercy and the Eucharist is the visible image of invisible God. Shining Star symbolizes the Blessed Mother. St. Joseph is represented by Lily. Vocationist still greets each other with salutation – “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”. According to Fr. Justin, Vocationist Fathers are like St. Joseph and Vocationist Sisters are like Blessed Mother to foster the Divine Vocations in the seminarians.

Arch Angels: – The Emblem is surrounded by Seven Arch Angels. Only three of them we know from the Scripture. They are St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and St. Michael.

Universal Church: – The Universal Church is represented by three circles – Triumphant Church, Militant Church and Suffering Church. Triumphant Church is the Church in Heaven. Militant Church is on the earth. Suffering Church is in the Purgatory.

The Goals in Each Church: – Through the Suffering Church we achieve the Purification. Through the Militant Church we achieve Illumination. Through the Triumphant Church we achieve the Union.

Fields: Vocationist Fathers and Sisters work through the three fields to promote Vocations which are 1) Parishes, 2) Schools and 3) Missions. This is the main mission and goal of this congregation. Each Vocationist is obliged to work with vocation and for vocation in whatever fields they are especially for underprivileged vocations.

To those who find the Vocationist Emblem too detailed and complicated, Fr. Justin more than once said in his instructions: “The essence of our Emblem consists in three circles intertwined with a triangle;” therefore, Fr. Justin indicates that a simplified version of our Emblem is acceptable.

“This Emblem is meant to be a ray for every intelligence, an arrow for every heart and a place for every soul that wants to start its journey toward Divine Union.” Thus he wrote one day presenting the Vocationist emblem to the readers of “Spiritus Domini.”