V.A.U.S. – Vocationist Apostles of Universal Sanctification

VAUS stands for Vocationist Apostle of Universal Sanctification. It is a third order of the Vocationist Family, founded by Blessed Fr. Justin Russolillo, as a Secular Institute. The members embrace chastity, poverty, and obedience. Living in Divine Union with Christ, the Redeemer, is their first duty. 

Goal: Direct and lead Souls to perfect union with the divine persons through communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. They work for the Universal Sanctification through the apostolate and propagation of religious life. In realizing Universal Sanctification, they consider the whole world as a great sanctuary and work for the furtherance of parochial, diocesan and pontifical activities. They embrace the searching out and the cultivation of vocations to ministries in the Church, and consecrated life especially among less privileged in society.

Spirituality: Their Spirituality is daily conversion to the Gospel. The Holy Church, Holy Family, and Divine Trinity are the center and axis of the VAUS.

For more information on becoming a Vocationist Apostle of Universal Sanctification,
please contact Fr. Louis Caputo at 973-966-6262.